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Services & Pricing

Transparency is at the heart of a long-term trusted relationship. Our services and pricing reflect our deep commitment to helping our clients achieve financial independence.


Financial Planning for Busy Families

Getting money “right” places a tremendous amount of pressure on families. You should be enjoying your time together, living in the moment, and confidently anticipating what comes next. Instead, you may find yourself stressed, uncertain, and confused about what to expect in your financial life.

Our financial planning and investment management services take that overwhelm away and sews your path to financial independence. The work we do threads the needle and weaves together the fabric of your financial life.

How Our Foundations Process Works


60-min meeting to organize your financial details


  • Discover your goals and financial potential.

  • Build your personal financial website.

  • Organize your financial documents in our online vault


90-minute session to analyze all areas of your financial plan

  • Review cash flow, savings, and debt

  • Investment review and tax planning

  • Protection and estate planning


60-min meeting to deliver your customized financial plan

  • Review your plan together

  • Answer any and all questions you have

  • Make any necessary adjustments

  • Determine and assign tasks and priorities

  • Establish your implementation schedule


6-week implementation of your financial plan

  • Ensure all aspects of your plan are executed properly

  • Establish new money habits, systems, and processes


Update your plan as life changes

  • Annual reviews

  • Ongoing client service

  • Continued control of your financial future


Once we complete your financial plan, we move your family into our ongoing planning services. Because life is dynamic and plans change constantly, so we work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure its success.

Financial Planning


$1,500 / one-time, comprehensive plan-building engagement

Get the financial clarity you need through our one-time planning engagement.

Have you ever felt like it might be time to take a step back and look at whether you’re doing all the right things financially and that the steps you are taking are going to be enough?

With our Financial Planning FOUNDATIONS service, we make sure you know how to adequately prepare your finances. From knowing the right liability limits in auto insurance to getting a will in place, all the way down to retirement income planning, we ensure you make the right decisions with your money.

At the end of the process, your family will have a plan for every financial detail of importance in your life. We’ll work together over 6-12 weeks….however long it takes to give you peace of mind about where you are and where you’re headed.

We offer our financial planning and asset management services at a flat fee, regardless of how large your investments become.

We have built hundreds of comprehensive plans for clients — enough plans to know that the amount of complexity and time spent doesn’t necessarily change because of your portfolio size.

Why should financial companies’ profit margins increase as your asset base grows? This is one of the primary reasons we believe the traditional assets under management pricing model is flawed.

At Afton Advisors, our interests are aligned with yours. If paying off debt or investing in real estate is a priority for you, we don’t have an incentive to steer those dollars towards the assets we directly manage. Through it all, our goal remains the same: to help you achieve more with your money.


Personal Financial Advisor

For people or families with household assets under $300,000

$3,000 / year

Move forward with your financial path in focus and the ongoing expertise to guide you.

Personal Financial Advisor GROW is perfect for early investors or young professionals in the saving and accumulation stage of your financial journey.

Time is your most valuable asset when it comes to growing your wealth. Getting it right as early as possible can have a profound impact on how much money you are able to amass over your lifetime and your quality of life.

With this service, you get the financial planning offered in FOUNDATIONS, as well as a dedicated personal financial advisor to oversee each aspect of your financial plan, make annual updates to your financial plan, and manage your investments.


Personal Financial Advisor

For people or families with household assets above $300,000

$4,800 / year

Move forward with your financial path in focus and the ongoing expertise to guide you.

With financial growth comes more financial complexity. We guide you through everyday critical money decisions so you never miss an opportunity or overlook an important consideration.

This is our most comprehensive and hands-on financial planning package. It covers sophisticated tax planning, family planning, and estate planning issues.

While growing your wealth is still a priority, so is protection and preservation. We are mindful to cover all your bases so that you continue to make wise financial decisions and avoid critical mistakes that can undermine your financial security and long-term objectives.

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