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Be in Control of Your Finances

Know you’re making the right decisions with your money
for your family and your future.



Regain a sense of confidence

Stop worrying about money

Look forward to what’s next

You Only Have One Shot to Get Your Finances Right

Money can be complicated. Don’t be pressured to self-manage it on your own.

As a busy family, it can feel overwhelming to tackle your finances and do it well. But life is too valuable to waste worrying you’ll take a wrong step with your money. And life is too short to risk the quality of life you’re working so hard to secure.

You deserve a financial planning partnership that guides you through everyday critical money decisions so your path to financial success is clear and focused.


Get Your Financial Life on Track with a Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Gain Clarity

Ditch the overwhelm and confusion by working with a financial advisor who can offer clear guidance on exactly what you need to do to secure your family’s finances.

Get Focused

With a financial planning partnership, your financial future won’t appear illusive or blurry anymore. Instead, your path to success will come into sharp focus

Have Confidence

Give yourself and your family the confidence to live life to the fullest knowing that you’re doing everything you can to take care of them and the future.


As a family man myself, I can 100% understand the pressures you face trying to support your family and your finances.

As a personal financial advisor to families for over 16 years, I've built hundreds of financial plans through various market cycles. You have the opportunity to build one plan, and you only have one shot at making it right. I've evaluated all the questions you've had at some point and know how to construct your financial life so that it protects your best interests.

How We Can Help

Financial Planning

The necessary blueprint for your financial success

Personal Financial Advisor PROSPER

Comprehensive, ongoing financial planning and investment management for one flat fee

Self-Managed Financial Coaching

Ongoing planning support for clients who want to manage their own investments

Our Process Gives You the Answers You Need

1. Get Organized

Our first official meeting will allow us to take full stock of where you stand financially. We will gather and organize the details of your financial life so that we have all the information we need to advise you fully.

2. Learn What’s Possible

From there, we take a full audit of your financial life and discover what is possible based on your current situation and different scenarios before making our formal recommendations.

3. Take Control of Your Finances

After we prepare your complete financial plan, your path to success is clear and focused. You’re back in control of your financial life. And we’re always here to continue to guide you through everyday critical money decisions so you stay on track.


Financial Planning Can Be Complicated

But, we've got your back.

With busy families expected to self-manage every aspect of their lives, the pressure and responsibility to make the right financial decisions can be overwhelming. At Afton Advisors, your path with money is clear and focused with a financial planning partnership that guides you through everyday critical money decisions.  


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Forget That Overwhelming Sense of Pressure to Figure Finances Out on Your Own