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Our pricing structure blends asset management and comprehensive financial planning together into one flat fee, regardless of how many assets you own.

We have built hundreds of comprehensive plans for clients — enough plans to know that the amount of complexity and time spent doesn’t necessarily change because of your portfolio size. Why should financial companies’ profit margins increase as your asset base grows? This is one of the primary reasons why the traditional assets under management pricing model is flawed.

At Afton Advisors, we want to make sure our interests are aligned with yours. If paying off debt or investing in real estate is a priority for you, we don’t have an incentive to steer those dollars towards the assets we directly manage. Through it all, our goal remains the same: help you achieve your objectives, regardless of the outcome it brings us.

Our Fees

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Services are $4,800/year, per client relationship. This price includes investment management — regardless of your account size — and full access to our comprehensive planning service model.

Young Professional Services

Services start with a $150 monthly retainer, in addition to one percent of your managed assets, until your accounts total $300,000. Once $300,000 is achieved, you graduate to our comprehensive financial planning model.

Project-Based Advising

A one-time fee, pricing for these projects varies from $300 to $3,000 and is dependent on the scope and complexity of your situation. Request a quote today.

Let's Work Together